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Sport and Fitness

There is no question about the importance a fitness routine being and integral part of maintaining a healthy body.

Increasingly the number of casual, amateur, Olympic and professional athletes are finding chiropractic to be and indispensable part of training and competing, either privately or through a team chiropractor.  Some do so to treat injuries, some to treat minor functional or structural problems in order to avoid possible future injury.  Some teams do not have a team chiropractor and the players often fly their own chiropractors to the games with them.

 Here is a partial list of athletes whose names you will probably recognize who have benefited from chiropractic.  They are listed in alphabetical order by sport. 

Chiropractic care offers a great treatment option for sports injuries. Being that chiropractors treat the joints and the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments), the treatment protocol is very complete. Chiropractors are the most highly trained professionals in the manual treatment of joint dysfunction. This is a huge benefit when it comes to treating sports injuries. Dr. Keren’s training as a chiropractor enables him to treat a multitude of sports injuries.

Sports injuries include problems such as ankle sprains, plantar fascitis, knee sprains, knee tracking disorders, hip pain, pelvic and low back sprain/strain, rotator cuff tears, elbow wrist and hand trauma, various neck injuries, and many other injuries that occur on the field of play.

Sports injuries are best dealt with when care is administered immediately, or at least as quickly as possible. Too many times people injure themselves during sports activities and 'shrug' off the pain. Although 'toughing out' pain may allow you to continue with the sport for a period of time, sooner or later the injury is going to catch up with you. In other words, joint dysfunction and/or soft tissue trauma is seldom going to get better on its own. A mechanical problem (injury) needs a mechanical resolution, and chiropractic care is many times the best way to obtain a mechanical resolution.

The objective of treatment for sports injuries is to reduce the pain, improve the function, and rehabilitate the region of injury. By doing so, the athlete can get back to the playing field as soon as possible.

Throughout his career Dr. Keren has treated both professional and casual “weekend warrior” athletes. His broad array of treatment options and experience with game day injuries help make Dr. Keren highly skilled with the treatment of sports injuries.

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