As a chiropractor I am often thought of, or sought out, for the things that I can do with my hands, but if there is one thing that I have come to understand over the course of my career, and if there is one thing I would love to pass on to you today, is that when it comes to health and wellbeing the most powerful life-changing tools that exist are ideas!  

More than any therapy or treatment or pill or potion, good ideas can give you exponential leverage on creating and maintaining health and well-being, in your life and in the lives of those within your circle of influence.

My name is Dr. Daniel Keren, I’m a chiropractor and I welcome to the second episode of my brand new vlog, Everything is Health is Everything!

Last time we agreed that we’d just dispense with all the niceties and pleasantries of getting to know each other, and just  cut to the chase and go straight to why. We also agreed that I’d go first.

So here it  is my “why”, my health philosophy, the things I hold to be self-evident and true  about health and wellbeing. The way I live my life, and virtually everything I do in my clinic are based on these simple yet profound principles.

Principle Number One:

Everything is health is everything!

Everything that is  of value to me in life is directly contingent on my good health.

Principle Number Two:

The human body is a self-healing self-regulating order-seeking intelligent organism.

Given the opportunity to function within the correct parameters, the human body knows how to express itself to its’ “Maximum Potential”!

Simply said: The body is a self-healing.

Principle Number Three:

The nervous system is the master controlling/regulating/synchronizing system of the entire human  body.

Virtually everything that happens within your body is under the direct or mildly indirect control of the nervous system.

It's the first system to form embryologically and it’s the last to go before we, well, turn out the lights.   

Principle Number Four: 

Physical, chemical or emotional stressors can interfere with the function of the nervous system(as well as other systems) and thereby interfere with the body’s natural  self-healing self-regulating order-seeking mechanisms, and eventually over time may lead to a reduction in the adaptability of the body which may eventually may result in some sort of imbalance or manifestation of disease within the body.

So there you have it.  That’s it! My health philosophy.  The “what” and the “how” of what I do in my clinic are based on these simple yet profound principles.  

But hey, enough about me already, what about you?  What about the second goal? The goal of you getting to know you a little better?

Well, join me right here next time on Everything is Health is Everything, where my goal is to get you started on the path to knowing and refining your ‘why’, your personal “health philosophy”.

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