You’ve likely heard it said that people aren’t really interested in the “WHAT” or the “HOW” of whatever it is that you do until they can somehow grasp the essence of “WHY” it is you do what you do.  You see, “WHAT” we do simple serves as an expression of what we believe.   And when we are talking about beliefs, the premises that we hold to be true, what we are really talking about is our  “philosophy”. Yes, I did say Philosophy!

My name is Dr. Daniel Keren.  I’m a chiropractor, and I want to welcome you to the very first episode of my brand new vlog, Everything is Health is Everything.

Welcome back, I really only have two objectives for these very short vlogs that I want to bring to you.  One is obviously for you to get to know me a little bit better, but secondly, more importantly, is for you to get to know you a little better! 

So if understanding my “WHY” is an important factor in the process of us getting to know each other and it’s likely the determining factor of whether or not we’ll form some sort of future relationship, whether it be virtual or in my clinic, if all of that is dependant on some sort mutual understanding each other’s “WHY’s” then let’s just do it. Let’s just cut to the chase, through the pleasantries and the formalities and the niceties, and just go straight to “WHY”.  Now, that may be a little bit confusing and perhaps even a little bit intimidating, so if you’ll allow me, I'll go first.

But first, I just want to take a few moments to really clarify what it is that we’re talking about, and why it is vitally important to you.  Earlier I said that when we are talking about our “WHY”, what we are really talking about is our beliefs.  And when we are talking about beliefs what we are really talking about is “philosophy”.  And when we’re talking about, Health, say, what we’re really talking about is “health philosophy”. And “health philosophy”, and I’ll pause here, for effect...

(TICK TOCK CLOCK SOUND EFFECT) Health philosophy could very well be the single thing that can have the greatest impact on the level of health and wellbeing that you enjoy in your life, and in the lives of your loved ones.  Health philosophy, the premise, the paradigms that we hold to be true about what health actually is, the ways in which health is created and maintained, or for that matter far too often so tragically and senselessly lost, the truths we hold about the workings of the simply amazing human body that each and every one of us has the overwhelming privilege to inhabit, these beliefs and premises collectively form our  paradigm, our “WHY”, our health philosophy, and this paradigm, our health philosophy is a dominantly determining factor in our daily decision-making processes, which ultimately cumulatively determines our direction, the quality of our journey, and ultimately our destination in life. Think of health philosophy as your compass guiding you as you navigate the vast, multi-varied and often confusing world of health.  

So hey, it was great meeting you, and I want to invite right now to do something that I’m certain your future self will definitely thank you for… Go down right now and click the subscription button.  That way you’ll be sure to get a notification to join me right here next time where I’m gonna go first. I’m gonna give you my health philosophy, and while that might sound quite frankly downright boring, let me assure you that my health philosophy is essentially four sentences.  Four very simple yet profound foundational principles that guide the “what” and the “how” of my lifestyle, the lifestyle I try to infuse into my family, and the lifestyle I try to infuse into the clients I work with on a daily basis.

So, now that you have subscribed to my channel, go down to the show notes and find all the ways you can hook up with me on the socials.  Your comments and your feedback: always welcome. Down below, comments section. Join me right here next time on “Everything is Health is Everything” where I am committed to bringing you value-packed health creating content in a way that respects both your time and your intellect!  Always remember to never forget that everything is Health is everything! See you next time.